Qigong Exercise Therapy


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Qigong Exercise Therapy



Author: Zhang Jianguo; Translated by Yu Wenping, et al.
Order No. 5193
ISBN-13: 9787533119393
ISBN-10: 7533119398
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Shandong Science and Technology Press
Pub Year: 1997
Pages: 273
Language: English
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The book is based on summarizing the experience of the predecessors and the author’s own decades’ clinical practice.





Rich in both contents and figures, it is composed of the following contents: the necessary knowledge of principles and characteristics of Qigong exercise therapy and essentials of Qigong exercise practice; Qigong exercises and their main points for attention in the treatment of specific internal, gynecological, E.N.T. and surgical and traumatic common diseases; Qigong exercises of calisthenics and obesity relief; prevention and treatment of Qigong deviations.



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