Quanzhou String Puppetry in China (Illustrated)


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Quanzhou String Puppetry in China (Illustrated)

Author: Huang Shaolong, Wang Jingxian 
Translators: Xia Jianxin
Order No. 1114
ISBN-13: 9781622460083
ISBN-10:  1622460081
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books
Pub Year: 2016
Language: English
Size: 6.5 x 9.5
Page: 164
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About the Book

Quanzhou String Puppetry in China introduces the marionette art in Quanzhou, China, which is among the most institutionalized and accomplished in the world puppetry family. It is known for its regular puppeteer training programs, detailed string manipulation instructions, intricate string-hole arrangement on a marionette, categorized puppet characters, artful stage presentation, ancient musical tradition, and a large repertoire of puppet dramas.

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About the Author

Huang Shaolong is an A-level director of China, a member of the China Theater Association, a playwright and director of the Quanzhou Marionette Troupe. He has directed a number of award-wining marionette dramas including The Mountain of Flames and The Tai Ji Diagram. He has authored A Survey of Quanzhou Puppetry Art (Theatrical Publishing House of China) and co-authored Traditional Operas in Quanzhou (in 15 volumes, Theatrical Publishing House of China).

Wang Jingxian is an A-level scriptwriter of China, a member of the China Theater Association, standing director of the Fujian Theater Association, vice president of Quanzhou Theater Association, deputy chairman of the China Puppetry and Shadow Arts Association, deputy chairman of UNIMA-China (the Chinese Chapter of UNIMA, Union Internationale de la Marionette), and manager of the Quanzhou Marionette Troupe (since 1992).

About the Translator

Xia Jianxin is a translator of Chinese ancient writings into English. Xia took his MA in English literature at Nanjing International Studies University in 2001 and is now an associate professor of the College of Foreign Languages and deputy director of the Institute for Studies on English Translation of Chinese Classics, Zhejiang Normal University. His major translation work is Selections of Li Yu’s Stories (Beijing: Foreign Languages Press. 2011).

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