Secularism in India: The Concept & Practice


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Secularism in India: The Concept & Practice

Author: S.K. Ghosh
Order No. 51048
ISBN: 8176482404
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 2001
Pages: 215
Language: English

This book is a study on the concept and practice of Secularism in India. We are all painfully aware of what is going on in our country these days-demolition of mosque, destruction of Churches, rape of Christian nuns, killing of Christian priests, minority communities being harassed and terrorized, Dalits and tribal Christians being reconverted. These are inhuman and barbaric manifestations of fundamentalist forces which point to a dangerous and insecure future. In these, one sees violations of human rights, a serious threat to secularism and consequently a danger to democracy and peaceful and harmonious coexistence of Indians belonging to divers religious faiths.

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