Speaking Chinese: 100 Daily Expressions


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Speaking Chinese: 100 Daily Expressions

Author: Kuo Yuling, Wang Huaiyu
Order No. 15214

ISBN-13: 9787801870346

ISBN-10: 7801870344
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: New World Press
Year: 2003
Pages: 246
Size: 5.5×8
Language: Chinese-English

The first volume in the ‘Practical Chinese Series’. Learners of Chinese usually notice and query the usage of a group of expressions in the spoken language of modern Chinese, such as ‘zhe yang yi lai’, ‘zhe bu’, ‘kan ni’, ‘hua you shuo hui lai’, etc. More than 100 of these expressions are included in this book and each expression is introduced with an illustration, example sentence or dialogue, and pinyin. It is helpful on improving learners’ Chinese.

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