Sri-Lanka: Past and Present


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Sri-Lanka: Past and Present

Author: L.R. Reddy
Order No. 51163
ISBN: 8176484490
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 2003
Pages: 382
Language: English

Sri Lanka, the serendipitous isle off India’s south-east coast has been savaged by civil war. Largely peaceful during British colonial times, after independence in 1948, the majority Sinhala (74 percent) intensified patterns of state-sanctioned discrimination against the minority Tamils (18 percent). Since the fanatical LTTE began battling the government in 1984, more than 60,000 Sinhala & Tamils have been killed, and thousands more have been internally displaced. The book contains a series of interrelated chapters discussing the Land, the People, the Historical & Cultural Heritage, History, Economy, Agriculture, The Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka & the recent peace talks in Sattahip Naval Base in Thailand during September 2002.

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