Stories of Old China


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Stories of Old China

Author: Jiang Fang

Order No. 6090

ISBN-13: 9787119028958

ISBN-10: 7119028952

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Foreign Languages Press

Pub Year: 2003

Pages: 239

Language: English and Chinese

Size: 5.5 x 8

Price: $9.95

Thirteen short stories about ancient China are featured including “The Heartless Lover,” “Good Fortune Waits on Courage,” “A Dream and Its Lesson,” “The Herbalist’s Strange Adventure,” “The Mystery of the Missing Minister,” “The Faithful Handmaid,” “Love and Loyalty of a Courtesan,” “Tyrant and Scholars,” “Scholars Vs. Eunuch,” “An Ungrateful Wolf,” “The Old Scholar’s Reincarnation,” “Fairies of the Floral Kingdom,” and “Quest of the Filial Son.”

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