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Analysis of Yin-Yang Structure of the Internal Energy in Taijiquan: Taiji Eight-direction Line

太极拳内功解读阴阳结构剖析 — 太极八方线

Demonstrator: Zhu Datong

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Length: 48 min.

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Language: Chinese with English and Simplified Chinese subtitles

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Eight-direction line diagram is formed by thirteen postures, including eight directions, four normal directions of martial arts: east, west, south, north, and four corners directions: northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest. It is combined with five steps: advancing, retreating, looking to the left, looking to the right, and being central equilibrium. The circular eight-direction line diagram is from a square, forming from the rim of a circle through the geometry principle.

Taijiquan regards the direction, position and comfortable standing at the center to be extremely important. In practicing taijiquan, as long as there is eight-direction line, there will be an accurate central point. Because of this, the direction and position will prevent you from making a mistake that can lead to a serious result.

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