Tales of Emperor Qin Shihuang


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Tales of Emperor Qin Shihuang

Author: Yuan Yang
Order No. 6031

ISBN-13: 9787119021010

ISBN-10: 711902101X
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Foreign Languages Press
Pub Year: 1999
Pages: 186
Language: English

A collection of stories about China’s first emperor based on historical records and popular legends.

Emperor Qin Shihuang established the Qin Dynasty, the first centralized and unified regime in China’s history, and history has judged Emperor Qin Shihuang with both praise and blame. Some of the stories in this book come from historical records about the life of the Emperor, and some are based on popular legends adding highly coloured details about him. These two sources complement each other and provide a comprehensive look at Qing Shinhuang and his reign.

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