Temple Fairs in China


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Temple Fairs in China

Author: Edited by Paul White; Translated by Cong Guoling and Huang Youyi

Order No. 3173

ISBN-13: 9787119036427

ISBN-10: 7119036424

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Foreign Languages Press

Pub Year: 2004

Pages: 99

Language: English

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With vivid pictures, it introduces the history of these fairs, all kinds of activity, markets, and various Temple Fair snacks. Chapter titles include “The Story of Temple Fairs,” “Temple Fairs in Beijing,” “Visiting Temple Fairs—Rewarding the Gods and Sharing a Happy Moment,” and “Temple Fair Markets.”

Temple fairs held within or near Buddhist or Taoist temples – with activities that include sacrificial rites, entertainment and bazaars – are unique popular events in China. The history of temple fairs can be traced back to “the sacrificial rites during the last months of the Chinese lunar year,” first held several thousand years ago. After working hard during the farming season, people enjoyed themselves singing, dancing, drinking and indulging in other forms of entertainment. Following the introduction of Buddhism in the first century AD, during major religious holidays or on special open days at temples, people went to the temples to pay their respects to the Buddha and other deities, express their gratitude and make wishes. Traders set up stalls near the temples, and folk artists gave performances. Temple Fairs in China provides a window into this exciting and vibrant world.

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