Ten Vernacular Tales from Ancient China (Chinese-English)


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Ten Vernacular Tales from Ancient China (Chinese-English)


Author: Collective

Order No. 15249

ISBN-13: 9787800521515

ISBN-10: 7800521516

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Sinolingua Press

Pub Year: 1997

Pages: 535

Language: Chinese and English

Size: 5.5 x 8

Price: $15.95

The ten stories in this book cover the Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties and describe all kind of people, revealing their lives, destinies, pursuits and ideals. Written in the vernacular of their particular era, these stories have maintained an ultimately bountiful and precious source material of contemporary Chinese language. When reading these stories, the reader can compare the vocabulary and grammar of modern and contemporary Chinese, and study what has been inherited or changed in the language.

In each of the ten sections, the story is presented first, a brief introduction (in Chinese and English) second, and then notes followed by a brief analysis. There are also two appendices: the development of Chinese short stories in the vernacular, and an index of vocabulary. Notes and translation have also been provided for difficult words and sentences.

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