The Art of Chinese Painting


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The Art of Chinese Painting

Author: Lin Ci

Order No. 3205

ISBN-13: 9787508509648

ISBN-10: 7508509641

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: China Intercontinental Press

Pub Year: 2006

Language: English

Size: 6.75 x 9

Page: 153

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Chinese painting can be dated back to prehistoric times and the earliest paintings of art were found on pottery pieces unearthed from several early civilizations in Yellow River Valley.

The book introduces some important types of Chinese painting such as Dunhuang cave paintings, lucid mountains and remote streams, scholar paintings, and modern Chinese paintings. It also discusses in detail the paintings of some great ancient Chinese painters such as Gu Kaizhi, Wu Daozi and Yan Liben. There are a number of pictures in the book.

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