The Dream of the Red Chamber: An Allegory of Love


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The Dream of the Red Chamber: An Allegory of Love

Author: Jeannie Jinsheng Yi, Ph.D
Order No: 1016
ISBN-13: 9780966542172

ISBN-10: 0966542177
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books
Pub Year: 2004
Pages: 244
Language: English


Although dreams have been studied in great depth about this most influential classic Chinese fiction, the study of all the dreams as a sequence and in relation to their structural functions in the allegory is undertaken for the first time in this book.

Major topics include: Dream Sequence as the Narrative Framework; The Co-existence of Dream and Reality; Discourse on Love: Daguanyuan and Its Literary Lineage; Medieval Allegory: Its Origin and Its Representation; Dream as Representation of Allegory: The Roman de la Rose and Honglou meng.


Jeannie Jinsheng Yi earned her Ph.D. degree in Asian Studies from Washington University. Author of several books in both English and Chinese, she has been writing extensively on topics related to China and Asia.

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