The English-Chinese Pocket Pinyin Dictionary


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The English-Chinese Pocket Pinyin Dictionary


Author: Chen Peizong

Order No. 15211

ISBN-13: 9787800050442

ISBN-10: 7800050440
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: New World Press
Year: 1996
Pages: 837
Size: 4×6
Language: Chinese-English
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THE ENGLISH-CHINESE POCKET PINYIN DICTIONARY has been specially prepared for English speakers who study Chinese. It contains about 10,000 entries, introducing commonly-used English and Chinese words, phrases and expressions. Each entry consists of an English word, its part of speech, corresponding Chinese meaning(s), usage and examples. One of the prominent features of this dictionary is that all Chinese characters are followed by pinyin (Chinese phonetic transcription) so that readers who have some basic knowledge of the Chinese pinyin system can pronounce the words and read the sentences. Moreover, in giving definitions, explanations and examples, great care has been taken to explain the different usages of a single word in English and Chinese including different collections and the use of different measure words.

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