The History and Civilization of China


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The History and Civilization of China

Author: Edited by Zhang Yingpin and Fan Wei; Translated by Zhang Jinquan et al.

Order No. 3167

ISBN-13: 9787507313604

ISBN-10: 7507313603

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Central Party Literature Publishing House

Pub Year: 2003

Pages: 256

Language: English

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The book traces the country’s fate from pre-history to the present age. It is divided chronologically into eleven chapters. Hundreds of vivid photographs and illustrations accompany the text.

Chapter 1: The Sun Rises in the East . The Pre-Historical Age

Chapter 2: Bronze Age The Xiz , the Shang and the Zhou

Chapter 3. Chasing the Deer on the Deer on the Central Plains Seeking Control
of the Empire. Spring and autumn, and Warring states Periods

Chapter 4. Great Unification of the Whole Country . Qin and Han Dynasties

Chapter 5. Progressing in Turbulence . The Wei, the Southern and Northern

Chapter 6. A Flourishing Age. The Sui, the Tang, the five Dynasties

Chapter 7. Competition and Unification. The Song, the Liao, the Xia, the Jin
and the Yuan

Chapter 8. Centralization of State Power and Transformation of Social Pattern
the Ming Dynasty

Chapter 9. The Brilliant Setting Sun The Qing Dynasty

Chapter 10. Tradition Awaited Renewal . Republic of China

Chapter 11. The Renewal of the Chinese Nation . the People’s Republic of

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