The History of Chinese Printing (Illustrated), Limited Edition


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The History of Chinese Printing (Illustrated)
Limited Edition

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Author: Zhang Xiumin
Revised by: Dr. Han Qi
Translators: Chen Jiehua, et. al
Order No. 1065
ISBN-13: 9781931907613
ISBN-10: 1931907617
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books
Pub Year: 2009
Pages: xxxiv, 494
Language: English
Size: 7.5 x 10


The History of Chinese Printing covers in great detail the history of more than 1,000 years since the invention of printing in China. The book is divided into three parts—the invention and development of block printing, the invention and development of moveable type printing, and the influence of Chinese printing on Asia, Africa and Europe—and thoroughly discusses all aspects of Chinese printing, including locations of printers, contents of woodblock printed books, features of various editions, and different methods of printing. It also includes such non-book materials as New Year pictures, newspapers, paper currency as well as the materials used in printing, including paper and ink.


The History of Chinese Printing is the most comprehensive, systematic and authoritative work in this field hitherto. This book is regarded by scholars both in and outside of China as an epoch-making masterpiece in the study of Chinese printing history and it lays a solid foundation for research work on the entire Chinese cultural history.


Zhang Xiumin was a researcher at the National Library of China for over forty years. He spent his whole life studying the history of printing, bibliography and Sino-Vietnamese relations and published many authoritative treatises on such subjects. He was an internationally acknowledged scholar on the history of Chinese printing.


Dr. Han Qi is a professor of history of sciences in the Institute for the History of Natural Sciences at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The focus of his research work is Sino-Western cultural and scientific relations in the 17th-19th centuries.


The five translators, Chen Jiehua, Chen Fu, Xu Ying, Qiu Yuping and Liu Chun, are from Zhejiang Sci-tech University. Chen Jiehua and Chen Fu are associate professors and the other three are lecturers.


PRAISE FOR The History of Chinese Printing


“Now, with publication of Zhang Xiumin’s The History of Chinese Printing, this lack [of a comprehensive, detailed and systematic study of the history and development of Chinese printing] has been largely remedied as it makes an important contribution to the study of the history of culture, science and technology in China.”
—Dr. Tsien Tsuen-Hsuin, University of Chicago, and author of Science and Civilisation in China: Volume 5:1 by Joseph Needham


“Zhang’s account about the origin and development of Chinese printing is a coherent one: the ideas are logically presented and every key point falls into place. This book is truly an essential contribution.”
—Li Ximi, Historian and Editor-in-Chief of Wenxian (Documentations Quarterly), Beijing, China


“This is your significant contribution to the study of Chinese printing history.”
—Dr. Soren Edgren, Princeton University, and Chinese book specialist


“Very substantial and comprehensive in its content. It is both unprecedented and unrepeatable.”
—Tan Qixiang, Professor and historian, Fudan University, Shanghai, China



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