The Indian Mafia


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The Indian Mafia

Author: S.K. Ghosh
Order No. 51033
ISBN: 8170243785
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 1991
Pages: 111
Language: English

In this work, the author, in six hard-hitting chapters, deals with the growing influence of the mafia hierarchy, comprising broadly of antisocialists, gangsters, goondas, musclemen, dadas and other lumpen elements of the underworld, thriving on crime and vice. They have been exerting powerful influence on industry, business, social and educational organizations, and politicians and political parties over the decades. They go about terrorizing citizens, extorting money, molesting women and stabbing and gunning down people, at will, in the streets. Even the country’s capital is not free from the antisocial activities of the mafia hierarchy.

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