The Trouble-shootings


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The Trouble-shootings


Director: Mi Jiashan
Starring: Ge You, Zhang Guoli, Pan Hong
Order No. D8507
ISBN: 7884083183
EAN: 6937475383854
Picture Format: NTSC (good for North American users)
Length: 101 min.
Number of Disc: 1
Language: Chinese with English and Simplified Chinese subtitles
Publisher: Qilu Audio & Video Press
Pub Year: 1979
Price: $14.95



This movie is adapted from one of the major novels of Wang Shuo, a famous and controversial writer in China.
In the early years of China’s reform, Yu Guan and his friends run a company called "Three-for", namely, they are supposed to help people out of their trouble by offering all kinds of services. They will even deal with love affairs on behalf of those ambitious and busy people who are too much occupied with their own career; they are willing to be the doormat and scolded by the wives in place of those henpecked husbands. Society needs their services, but some of problems caused by their services raise eyebrows from government officials. What will be the fate of this service company?


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