The Verse of Shao Xunmei: Heaven and May and 25 Poems


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Author: Shao Xunmei
Translators: Jicheng Sun, Hal Swindall
Order No. 1129
ISBN-13: 9781622460236
ISBN-10:  1622460235
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books
Pub Year: 2016
Language: English
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Page: xliv, 195
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In this translation of the verse by the forgotten Shanghai poet Shao Xunmei (1906-1968), Jicheng Sun and Hal Swindall have rendered his lines into English with a view to preserving the European influences under which Shao wrote in Chinese. As a student at Cambridge, young Shao fell under the spell of poets like Gautier, Baudelaire and Verlaine, but above all the Englishman A.C. Swinburne. Back in Shanghai, Shao led a group of Western-influenced writers and artists who wanted to create a new culture for their country. Today, Shao’s poetry is of interest to current cross-cultural students and comparative literature.


Born in rural Shandong province in 1970, Jicheng Sun earned a BA and an MA in English, the latter from Shandong University, where one of his professors was Hal Swindall, who introduced him to Shao Xunmei. Dr. Sun continued to earn a PhD in literary translation from Peking University, and is now an associate professor of English at Shandong Technology University.

Hal Swindall was born in California in 1963, and earned a PhD in comparative literature at UC Riverside in 1994. A chapter of his dissertation was on George Moore, and he learned about Shao from a Moore scholar who know that Shao had translated some of Moore’s works. Dr. Swindall has worked as an English professor at various East Asian universities for 20 years.

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