Understanding China through Newspaper Readings: Intermediate


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Understanding China through Newspaper Readings: Intermediate

读报刊看中国 (中级本)

Author: Pan Zhaoming
Order No. 15096

ISBN-13: 9787301019436

ISBN-10: 7301019432
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Peking University Press
Pub Year: 1996
Pages: 151
Language: Chinese
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This set of textbook is divided into 34 units and can be used by students of different levels for one academic year (136 hours). It may also be used as a text for self-study. In this work, all new words of the texts are marked with “pinyin” phonetic notations and explanatory notes. All of the texts are selected from some of the major newspapers of our country. In terms of types of writing, news reports are given the priority and dispatches, features, short commentaries and full-length commentaries are treated as subsidiary.

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