Victims of Terrorism


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Victims of Terrorism

Author: D.P. Sharma
Order No. 51160
ISBN: 8176484512
Binding: Hardcover
Pub Year: 2003
Pages: 241
Language: English

The book deals perspectively and compassionately with very old problem in a very new context: human response to human cruelty. The author’s concern in the book is mainly with a small but important, poignant and neglected sector-the victims of terrorism and how we can help them. It is intended to seek ways to understand the experience, to ameliorate the suffering, and when possible, to prevent it. There is another factor, even more important, which has been dealt exclusively in the book is that the tumult and drama surrounding a notorious event once over, the victims are soon forgotten. No effort is made to understand and care for the victims in those areas where he/she suffers the most: the wounds to the mind and spirit.

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