When Fathers Rape: A Socio-Psycho-Legal-Global Study


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When Fathers Rape: A Socio-Psycho-Legal-Global Study

Author: Manish Sharma
Order No. 51159
ISBN: 817024739X
Binding: Hardcover
Pub Year: 1996
Pages: 321
Language: English

When Fathers Rape, assesses the menace of forced paternal incest from the psychological, psychiatric, sociological, sexological & legal aspects; through research-analysis, case studies, interviews with experts, opinion poll & discussions & statistical surveys. It closely studies the profile of the victim & the culprit and the consequent social chaos. The book through a systematic assessment, gives a layout of the solution to the problem by an extensive discussion of the three ways programmed-the punishment structure, the prevention clause & the victim counseling. It also involves a comparative law study discussing laws of foreign countries grouped on the basis of their characteristics, the common legal perspectives & international cases.

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