Wudang Elixir Sword


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The Wudang Esoteric Kungfu Series: Wudang Elixir Sword


Demonstrator: You Xuande
Order No. D1283
ISBN: 7887211468
Picture Format: NTSC (good for North American users)
Length: N/A
Number of Disc: 2
Language: Chinese with English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese subtitles
Publisher: People’s Sports Audio & Video Publishing House
Price: $19.95

Wudang Elixir Swordplay has tremendous influence in Chinese wushu world. Its main characteristics are as followings: It belongs to the elixir school, its techniques include pointing, titling, upper cutting, parrying, clouding, slicing, sweeping, piercing, blocking, circling, leading, chopping, and pulling. The movements are clear and distinct and connections are smooth and natural. When practicing, your internal energy and your external performance should be well coordinated, making the force flow along with the sword as if to merge the sword and the body into one.

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