Wudang Taiyi (Celestial) Free Palm


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The Wudang Esoteric Kungfu Series: The Taiyi (Celestial) Free Palm




Demonstrator: You Xuande
Order No. D1280
ISBN: 788721145X
Picture Format: NTSC (good for North American users)
Length: N/A
Number of Disc: 1
Language: Chinese with English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese subtitles
Publisher: People’s Sports Audio & Video Publishing House
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Wudang kungfu emphasizes inner exercising with yin and yang as one. After combining the theory of five elements, eight diagrams and nine palaces, it has formed an excellent routine for internal boxing. The taiyi (celestial) free palm shows philosophical thinking of Laozi and Zhuangzi, as if in the spirit of Zhuangzi’s “free traveling.” Its skills focus on bone and muscle practicing, seizing arteries and veins, hitting at certain acupoints and pouncing on. Its style is not only like stone dropping to bottom of the ocean, but also like a group of cranes flying and flying. The Taiyi Free Palm is one of the esoteric kungfu of the Wudang internal boxing.



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