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Order No. D4014

EAN: 6937475390036

Picture Format: NTSC (good for North American users)

Length: 40 min.

Number of Disc: 1

Language: Chinese with English and Simplified Chinese subtitles

Publisher: Qilu Audio & Video Publication

Price: $14.95

Xiamen, on the coast of southeast China, right opposite Taiwan across the sea, is regarded as the most cozy and one of the most beautiful cities in China.

In this DVD, the host will show you the best views of the so-called Island of Piano Gulangyu, the famous Buddhist temple Nanputuo, the refreshing air of Taiwan folkloric villages, the well-known Xiamen University and Jimei Academic Village, etc. You’ll definitely have a feast of eye by enjoying the unaffected ethos, warmness of homestead, peaceful lives, the unique history, reality and culture of Xiamen.

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