Yanqingquan 2: China’s Martial Arts


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Yanqingquan 2: China’s Martial Arts

Author: Chen & Chen
Order No. 5104

ISBN-13: 9787505401266

ISBN-10: 7505401262
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Morning Glory Press
Year: 1992
Pages: 324
Size: 6×9
Language: English

Yangqingquan (Mizongquan) of Cangzhou Prefecture is one of the most popular ancient forms of boxing in northern China and a main school of wushu in the region. According to the annals of Yanqingquan, there are nearly 100 sets of routines ranging from easy and elementary to difficult and advanced, and performed with and without weapons. Six of the routines representing the characters of this school have been introduced in two books: Yangqingquan I & Yangqingquan II, with action photographs of Chen Fengqi, the fifth direct descendant of Yangqingquan’s disseminator, and his grandson Chen Jingyu in duet. The latter also poses for the solo routines.

This volume comprises the text and photo illustrations on three forms of Yangqingquan: yangqingjiazi, lianshouquan, and taohuansan.

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