Yuanmingyuan Park—An Eternal Monument


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Yuanmingyuan Park—An Eternal Monument

Author: Edited by Shangguan Feng, et. al.; Translated by Chen Haiyan, et. al.

Order No. 3187

ISBN-13: 9787507104677

ISBN-10: 7507104672

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Chinese Literature Press

Pub Year: 1998

Pages: 71

Language: English and Simplified Chinese

Size: 8.25 x 11.25

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This album contains a collection of over 100 pictures of Yuanmingyuan. Intermixed with modern images are illustrations and drawings of what it once was.

Yuanmingyuan (Garden of Perfect Splendor) is renowned for its fabled charm and association with modern Chinese history. Extolled as “Garden of Gardens” and “Versailles in the East”, it was an imperial summer resort painstakingly built and repeatedly expanded under the personal supervision of the five emperors of the Qing dynasty. The skill and sophistication of this historic site, however, did not escape the destruction inflicted upon it and China generally by the West. In October 1860 Anglo-French forces sacked and looted Yuanmingyuan and reduced most of it to rubble.

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