12 Girls Band Charming Concert (Two Discs)


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12 Girls Band Charming Concert (Two Discs)

Artist: 12 Girls Band

Order No. C1021

ISBN: 7880574441

Label: Huasheng Audio & Video

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For half-a-decade, the 12 Girls Band has thrilled international audiences with their unique blend of traditional Chinese melodies and Western pop. This two-CD set presents an exciting live performance. Instrumentation includes Erhu, Guzheng, Pipa, and rare ethnic minority instruments.

Disc 1:
1) S.D. Garden
2) Spirit Dance
3) Spring of Dream
4) Midnight Mood
5) Jasmine
6) Horse Racing
7) Region with Rivers in Dreams
8) Liu San Jie
9) Life on Clouds
10) Foreknow
11) The Shades of City
12) The Song of Salinla
13) Advance Bravely

Disc 2:
1) Freedom
2) Thanks for Age
3) Take Five
4) Rhythm Within
5) Kang Ding Qing Ge
6) Victoria’s Smile
7) Smiling Proudly in Rivers and Lakes
8) Appointing in Mongolian House
9) I Can’t Be Your Man
10) Hi! Salute to Bach
11) No Word
12) Pronunciation of Love

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