Folk Classical Music (4 Discs)


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Folk Classical Music (4 Discs)

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Label: Guangzhou Audio & Video

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This is a set of four CDs which includes 40 famous and beautiful melodies played by different Chinese traditional instruments such as Guzheng, Pipa, Dizi (Chinese flute), Erhu, Guqin, Xiao, etc. Includes:

Disc I
1. Water Of River
2. Fishing Boat In The Evening
3. Beautiful Night
4. Backer
5. Leisure
6. Going To West Gate
7. Phoenix’s Love
8. Baiya Condoled With Ziqi
9. Toward The Brightness
10. The Little Argent Gun
11. Three Variations Of The Yang Pass
12. High Moon
13. The Apricot Blossom’s Shadow
14. High Mountain And Flowing Water

Disc II
1. Fish Song
2. Caoyuan Song
3. Fan Palace
4. Falling Follow
5. Happy Song
6. Flower
7. High Mountain And Flowing Water
8. Liu Yao Jin
9. The Autumn Moon Over The Han Palace
10. Music Of Wind
11. Three Six

Disc III
1. Lotus
2. Rainy Night On Banana Panel
3. The Jade From Deep Pool
4. High Mountain And Flowing Water
5. Jackdaws Gambol Water
6. Moonlit River In Spring
7. The Autumn’s Recall
8. A Little Gold
9. Fight Against Typhoon
10. Silver River

Disc IV
1. Water Of River
2. Jackdaws Gambol Water
3. Er Quan Spring Reflect The Moon
4. Fishing Boat In The Evening
5. Poetic Soul

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