A Course in Chinese Listening Comprehension (Vol. 2)


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A Course in Chinese Listening Comprehension (Vol. 2) (In Chinese)

对外汉语本科系列教材– 汉语听力教程(第二册)

Author: Ed. by Yang Xuemei, Hu Bo

Order No. 15204

ISBN-13: 9787561908013

ISBN-10: 7561908016

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: BLCUP

Pub Year: 2000

Language: Simplified Chinese

Size: 7 x 10

Page: 321

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The course consists of three parts: Listening Comprehension, Extensive Listening, and Pronunciation and Intonation. The book has 30 lessons, among which five are reviews. It follows the following layout: exercises first, then the recording script and finally the vocabulary list.

The book mostly stresses listening comprehension skills, which include catching the main ideas, leaping over the comprehension barriers, guessing and associating, taking advantage of the language contexts, pragmatic comprehension, speed comprehension and memorizing ability and so on. As some exercises in this book follow the pattern of the HSK Listening test, it can also be used as a supplementary textbook in preparation for HSK tests.

Series Introduction:

The Undergraduate Series of Chinese as a Foreign Language, consisting of the textbooks for undergraduate studies in college Chinese, is systematically and scientifically designed and has specific quantitative standards for learners’ achievements. In addition, the content of the series is very interesting. There are textbooks for four different levels and for different subjects, which are categorized into language skills, culture, economy and trade, and language theories. Because of the wide coverage in terms of contents and the availability of materials for different levels, the series suits the needs for undergraduate programs, and short-term intensive training programs and pre-college Chinese programs as well. Those who study on their own can also find the materials useful for their specific needs — Beijing Language and Culture University Press

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