Chinese Language Learning For Foreigners (2)


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Chinese Language Learning For Foreigners (2)

外国人学中国语 2

Author: Beijing Foreign Languages Institute
Order No. 15035

ISBN-13: 9787800523106

ISBN-10: 7800523101
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
Pub Year: 2002
Pages: 186
Size: 7×10
Language: Chinese-English
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This is Vol. 2 of a two-volume textbook set with emphasis on pattern drills as part of a communicative approach to learning Chinese. There are 40 lessons, with vocabulary, examples, drills, grammar and cultural notes. Book 2 contains a comprehensive vocabulary list for both books.

Series Introduction:

This set of teaching material, apart from translating, annotating and explaining the texts, tries also to compare and contrast the Chinese language with the learners’ native language in terms of phonetic system, grammar structure, communicative conventions and national and cultural background. Learners are helped not only to correctly understand and accept the rules and conventions that contrast sharply with those in their native language; they are also helped to differentiate and master those more subtle points which do not contrast sharply but must never be neglected or confused.

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