A Picture Book of Agricultural Cultivation in Ancient China


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A Picture Book of Agricultural Cultivation in Ancient China


Illustrator: Jiao Bingzhen

Text: Jiang Junjing

Order No. 1148

ISBN-13: 9781622460427

ISBN-10:  1622460421

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books

Pub Year: 2017

Language: English

Size: 9 x 9

Page: 52

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About the Book


This set of Chinese classical science painting books is adapted from the popular Farming Picture Books series. Each picture in this book is an original drawn by the ancients.


Each book uses 23 steps to scientifically describe the whole process of the farming and silkworm weaving production. It can help children appreciate the charm of Chinese traditional cultural, get to know farming and silkworm weaving process, and teach children to cherish the farming process.


About the Illustrator


Jiao Bingzhen was an early Qing dynasty court painter with unknown dates of birth and death. In the Kangxi Period (1661 to 1722), Jiao was appointed Directorate of the Royal Astronomical Observatory. Jiao Bingzhen was good at portraying figures and assimilated the style of Western painting. He highlighted the use of light as well as the elaborate depiction of structures and buildings. Representative works include Ladies-in-Waiting and Husbandmen and Their Wives at the Loom. His works reflect what underlies the age-old and deep-rooted life philosophy of traditional Chinese artists: a longing for hermetic life.


About the Text Author


Jiang Junjing is a National-level Extraordinary Chinese Teacher and a Senior Teacher working with a middle school and a renowned promoter of children’s literature. His dissertations include Chat with Your Kid on Books and Teach the Students How to Read. Jiang is the compiler of Lao She’s Works for Schoolchildren and Selected Readings for the New Chinese Textbook Program.

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