Buddhism: Dance and Drama


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Buddhism: Dance and Drama

Author: V. Subramaniam
Order No. 51117
ISBN: 8170241413
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 1985
Pages: 104
Language: English

Professor V. Subrarnaniam has established himself as a creative artist through his dance dramas and as a perceptive sociologist of the arts through his recent book The Sacred and the Secular in India’s Performing Arts. This fourth book of his dance dramas titled Buddhism, Dance and Drama or Dima Panchakam is his latest creative work including some of his latest thinking on the sociology of Indian dance and on Buddhist themes. Dima Panchakam includes five Sanskrit dance dramas of the Dima genre, stressing the Rasas of Vira, Raudra and Bhayanaka i.e. heroism fury and fear. Three are totally Buddhist and the other two have Buddhist prayers and Buddhist morals.

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