Gujarat Holocaust: Communism in the Land of Gandhi


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Gujarat Holocaust: Communism in the Land of Gandhi

Author: Ram Nath Sharma
Order No. 51017
ISBN: 8187226714
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 2002
Pages: 344
Language: English

This book is a fact file. The author has sincerely and accurately drawn the total picture of Gujarat Holocaust. He has presented communalism in all its aspects. Starting from fire on Sabarmati Express on Feb 27, 2002, this book describes the Godhra Investigations, Godhra Aftermath, Communal Hot Spots in India, Minority Laments, Media’s Major Role, The Accused C. M., International Protest, Ayodhya and V.H.P., BJP and Its Allies, R.S.S. and Family, P.M. Accused, Secularism and finally Communalism in the Land of Gandhi. These have been described in all details. Pictures have been given every where to enlighten understanding. This book should find its place on the shelf of every Indian who has been shaken from this Holocaust in the land of Gandhi.

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