Buddhism Reincarnation and Dalai Lamas of Tibet


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Buddhism Reincarnation and Dalai Lamas of Tibet

Author: M.G. Chitkara
Order No. 51115
ISBN: 8170249309
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 1998
Pages: 236
Language: English
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Buddhist Tibet accepts and treats India as the land of Gurus and the people of Tibet feel themselves as disciples. This is because of the message and teachings of Gautam Buddha propagated by Indian philosophers like Sakya Muni, Buddha, Nagarjuna and Padma Sambhav etc. Since long, Tibetans have been custodians of the Buddha’s teachings. These have been analyzed, refined, experienced and assimilated as Tibetan culture. Re-incarnation is the central theme of this book and is a treasure trove of bibliography for students or scholars interested in further studies or research into the Dalai Lama system or reincarnation. Every living being is are-incarnation.

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