Characteristics of Taijiquan for Life Enhancement


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Series of Taijiquan for Preventing Diseases: Characteristics of Taijiquan for Life Enhancement

太极拳防止百病系列 — 养生太极拳治病特点

Demonstrator: Qi Hao

Order No. D1211



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Length: 65 min.

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Language: Chinese with English and Simplified Chinese subtitles

Publisher: People’s Sports Audio & Video Publishing House

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Taijiquan for life enhancement is different from ordinary taijiquan. It focuses on the effect of treatment and the whole cooperation. It stresses practicing in a group of postures or practicing a posture repeatedly. It forms a system aiming at curing diseases.

To learn taijiquan for life enhancement well and to use it properly, you should firmly follow the principle of “four accordings”: practice according to individual need, practice according to posture, practice according to diseases, and practice according to time. You can increase the effect of treatment if you strictly go by the above four principles.

This lecture will respectively list the practice method of taijiquan for curing more than twenty kinds of ordinary illnesses, using the above four principles. The working method is very practical and easy to learn. And it has proven to have good effect according to practice.

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