Chen-Style Taiji Push-hand


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Chen-Style Taiji Push-hand

Demonstrator: Chen Zhenglei

Order No. D1020


Picture Format: NTSC (good for North American users)

Length: 91 min.

Language: Chinese with Simplified Chinese and English subtitles

Publisher: People’s Sports Audio & Video Publishing House

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In this DVD, renowned Taiji Quan master Chen Zhenglei, one of China’s ten foremost Wushu masters, demonstrates and explains Chen-style Taiji Push-hand, a kind of Wushu in which two partners twine each other’s hands to train their quickness. Through the basic techniques of grasping, catching, kicking, jackknifing, and punching, the exerciser will learn how and where to attack, or defend against, an enemy. Divided into four parts including descriptions of basic techniques and demonstrations.

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