China Through Camera (5): Opera Series (1 DVD)


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China Through Camera (5): Opera Series (1 DVD)

Order No. D3512
EAN: 6937475384509
Picture Format: NTSC (good for North American users)
Length: 87 min.
Number of Disc: 1
Language: Chinese with Simplified Chinese subtitle Only
Publisher: Guangzhou Audio & Video Publication
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China through Camera is a series of short TV programs that are either based on real-life stories and people in contemporary China or, in the cases of opera and dance, are the highlights of the genres from the stage. The series has five programs: Chinese Landscape (1 DVD), Chinese Folk Culture (2 DVDs), Chinese Scenery (2 DVDs), Chinese Opera (1 DVD), and Chinese Dance (1 DVD), which introduce different kinds of Chinese culture mostly unknown to the outside world with focuses on the Chinese people and their life and sentiment, landscape, folk art, ballads, songs, and dances, among others. Each DVD contains several short programs of different lengths, ranging from a few minutes to over 20 minutes.


1. Drama 2. Four Famous Drama Roles (1) Shang-school Famous Drama Zhou Baihui (2) Xun-school Famous Drama Gong Suping (3) Mei-school Famous Drama Zhang Jing (4) Cheng-school Famous Drama Li Haiyan 3. Selected Songs Of Lantern Festival (1) Beijing Opera Singer: Yu Kuizhi (2) Beijing Opera Singer: Li Haiyan (3) Beijing Opera Singer: Hu Wenge 4. Drama Opera 5. Chants of Quancheng 6. Two-rhymed Poem (1) Fishing Song; Green Rain Cape (2) Clothes-washing Stream; Wandering Alone 7. Affectionate Family 8. Advice to Learn 9. My Family Is Full of Happiness 10. Sea-vegetable Song 11. Let Love Fly

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