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China Today


Author: Liu Qiangong
Order No. 15057

ISBN-13: 9787301041536

ISBN-10: 7301041535
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Peking University Press
Pub Year: 1999
Pages: 287
Language: Chinese
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Instruction: The introduction to this book is in Chinese. If your computer doesn’t show Chinese characters, please right click your mouse, select Encoding and then select Chinese Simplified to read in Chinese.

本教材适用于对外汉语中高级阶段教学,兼顾阅读和口语。教材内容选取反映当代中国社会各个侧面的20个热门话题,每个话题分两大部分,第一部分为阅读文章,第二部分为口语表达, 形式包括讨论、演讲、辩论三种。

The Accompanying Tapes:

Order No. 15058, ISBN: 7301041535-0

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