Chinese Character Exercise Book, Bk 1


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Chinese Character Exercise Book, Bk 1

基础汉语课本(修订本) 汉字练习册(一)

Author: Beijing Foreign Languages Institute
Order No. 15016

ISBN-13: 9787800521737

ISBN-10: 7800521737
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
Pub Year: 1995 ; A bit tear and wear from shipment;
Pages: 86
Language: Chinese-English
Price: $11.10

This book, consisting of two volumes, provides supplementary material for the revised edition of Elementary Chinese Readers, Books One and Two. It has been specially compiled to help foreign learners master the writing of Chinese characters. This book can be used by students studying on their own, but will yield even better results if used under the supervision of a teacher.

The Two Volumes in the Series:

Chinese Character Exercise Book, Bk 1, Order No. 15016, ISBN: 7800521737

Chinese Character Exercise Book, Bk 2, Order No. 15017, ISBN: 7800521745

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