Chinese Characters in Pictures, V. 2


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Chinese Characters in Pictures, V. 2

画说汉字 V. 2

Author: Wang Chun

Order No. 15450

ISBN-13: 9787802001022

ISBN-10: 7802001021

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: Sinolingua

Pub Year: 2005

Language: Simplified Chinese-English

Size: 8 x 11

Page: 205

Price: $19.95

In the two volumes of Chinese Characters in Pictures, about 200 commonly used Chinese characters are introduced and explained in terms of their structure and the way they symbolize their meaning. The book also includes stroke order used to write characters, radicals by which characters are arranged in Chinese dictionaries and everyday words and phrases formed with the characters. Once you get to know the secrets of Chinese characters, you will find them both easy and interesting.

Volume 1, see Order No. 15449, ISBN-13: 9787802001015

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