Modern Chinese Characters


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Modern Chinese Characters


Author: Yin Binyong
Order No. 15027

ISBN-13: 9787800521676

ISBN-10: 7800521672
Binding: Paperback
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
Pub Year: 1997
Pages: 397
Language: Chinese-English

Chinese characters, with their unfamiliar rectangular outlines and complex structures, often appear to foreign learners to be an insuperable stumbling block. In fact, however, as long as the basic rules are grasped and right methods employed, it is not too hard to get started and it is also quite possible to gain a firm mastery of the written language. This book introduces in a lively and accessible way the origins, evolution, and composition of Chinese characters, their shapes, total numbers, pronunciation, meanings, and correct formations, as well as their dictionary ordering and consultation. The book will serve as a key to the fascinating realm of Chinese characters.

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