Constitution and Constitutionalism in India


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Constitution and Constitutionalism in India

Author: Surya Narayan Misra, et al.
Order No. 51069
ISBN: 8176480282
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 1999
Pages: 413
Language: English

A Constitution is a fundamental law laying down basic objectives of a polity, and the procedures of institutional functioning to facilitate the attainment of the stated goals. It represents the balance of forces in a society obtaining at a historical moment. The constitution embodies the vision of a good society which its framers would like to build in the country. Further, constitution has become a vital part of the socio-political order and the life-breath of a nation. It has been identified with democracy, nationalism and independence of a nation. The present volume is a comprehensive treatise on the theory and practice of the lengthiest constitution – The Constitution of India. The authors of the articles of the edited volume are eminent scholars and they contributed these articles covering various facets of the Indian Constitution.

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