Farmers’ Art: Paintings by Zhejiang Farmer Artists


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Farmers’ Art: Paintings by Zhejiang Farmer Artists

Editor: Luo Xianyue

Order No. 1120

ISBN-13: 9781622460144

ISBN-10: 1622460146

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Homa & Sekey Books

Pub Year: 2015

Language: English

Size: 9 x 11.5

Page: 145

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Farmer painting has been an important cultural phenomenon in China. The rural folk paper-cutting, which has prevailed in the regions of the Loess Plateau of northern China, remains an important symbol of folk life until now. And it represents a profound tradition and design wisdom. In dexterous hands, a pair of scissors can swiftly cut out anything in the world from paper, showing the emotional feelings of ordinary Chinese people. This book contains the artworks from about 140 farmer artists in China’s Zhejiang province.

When it comes to farmer painting, the identity of the artist is prior to the artwork itself. In the relation between the painter and his work, the study of the identity of the painter is more critical than the painting itself. Farmer painting maintains a dream, which manifests a vivid relation between art and people. In China, farmer stands for not only an occupation, but also agriculture, which is closely related to nature, conventional tillage and rural areas that see a strong continuity of folk life for thousands of years.

This is Vol. 2 of the Artists of Zhejiang, China series.

Luo Xianyue, born in 1960 in Lin’an, graduated from the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in 1986 and from the watercolor senior seminar of the China Academy of Art in 1999, is a member of the China Artists Association, a member of the Watercolor Painting Committee of the China Artists Association, vice chairman and secretary-general of the Zhejiang Artists Association and vice chairman of the Zhejiang Watercolor Artists Association.

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