Guzheng: High Mountain and Flowing Water


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Folk Classical Music v. 6–Guzheng: High Mountain and Flowing Water

Artist: Various

Order No. C1006

ISBN: 7880060413

Label: Guangzhou Audio & Video

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Guzheng is a traditional plucked Chinese zither which developed from a small instrument made of bamboo originally used by ancient herdsmen. The tone quality of the Zheng is mellow and clear. The CD collected 10 famous Chinese melodies.

1. Lotus
2. Rainy Night on Banana Panel
3. The Jade from Deep Pool
4. High Mountain and Flowing Water
5. Jackdaws Gambol Water
6. Moonlit River in Spring
7. The Autumn’s Recall
8. A Little Gold
9. Fight Against Typhoon
10. Silver River

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