Collection of Chinese Flute Music


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Collection of Chinese Flute Music

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Order No. C1012

ISBN: 7880573089

Label: Huasheng Audio & Video

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The Dizi is the most common transverse flute of China. Dizi are made from bamboo and have six finger holes and are characterized by an additional hole covered by a piece of very thin rice paper that buzzes when played. The CD contains 12 melodious music adapted from the popular Chinese songs. Includes:

1. Song of Washing clothes
2. Remember Chairman Mao’s Words in Your Heart
3. Song of Praise
4. Tell me Where My Road Is
5. Shepherding Girl
6. Sunlight of September
7. Good Man Will be Safe All Life
8. Love Song of Kangding
9. Picking Flowers
10. Shadow of the Fence
11. Go to Beijing
12. Bye-bye Dabie Mountain

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