Collection of Guzheng Music


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Collection of Guzheng Music

Artist: Various

Order No. C1013

ISBN: 7880571264

Label: Huasheng Audio & Video

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Guzheng is a traditional plucked Chinese zither which developed from a small instrument made of bamboo originally used by ancient herdsmen. The tone quality of the Zheng is mellow and clear. The CD collected 12 melodious adapted from the popular Chinese songs. Includes:

1. Know or Don’t Know
2. Tonight is So Hard to Forget
3. Drum for Our Army
4. About a Story of Ghosts
5. Flowing Spring
6. Flowing Clouds in the Sky
7. Longing for
8. Glory of Chairman Mao
9. Embroidering
10. Swee-scented Osmanthus Brings Happiness
11. Beautiful View of Shanxi
12. The Couple Go Home

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