Handbook of Commonly Misused Characters


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Handbook of Commonly Misused Characters

Author: Cheng Ling

Order No. 15288

ISBN-13: 9787020043651

ISBN-10: 7020043658

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: People’s Literature Publishing House

Pub Year: 2004

Pages: 164

Language: Simplified Chinese

Size: 7.25 x 10.25

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This book is a concise tool to help correct commonly misspelled, miswritten and misused Chinese characters. It is comprised of four parts: easily miswritten characters, easily misread characters, similar-graphic characters, and similar-phonetic characters.

The characters listed in the book are mostly from newspapers and magazines, books and documents, and television broadcasts. Some are also extracted from advertisements and menus. Characters and words are listed alphabetically in pinyin. Every word has a concise explanation with its correct reading, writing and usage. In addition, spare pages are provided at the end of each part to let the reader fill in their own misused characters to avoid future mistakes.

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