HSK Test Preparation Guide (Elementary & Intermediate Levels) 2E


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HSK Test Preparation Guide (Elementary & Intermediate Levels) Revised Edition, with CD


Author: Ni Mingliang

Order No. 15501

ISBN: 7561914237

Binding: Paperback

Publisher: BLCUP

Pub Year: 2005

Pages: 445

Language: Chinese

Size: 7 x 10

Price: $27.50

Part I contains three sets of exemplary mock tests for HSK, including listening, grammar, reading comprehension and blank-filling sections; Part II contains texts to respective tests in listening comprehension. Part III provides answer keys to the tests and detailed explanations to the answers. There is an appendix: Introduction to HSK tests.

The revised edition has a free CD that contains three mock tests.

The ISBN for the first edtion is 7561905602.

There are 8 CDs sold separately that contain the 400 discrete and 200 timing exercises.

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