Islamic Economics: A Global Perspective


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Islamic Economics: A Global Perspective

Author: M. Shaghil
Order No. 51149
ISBN: 8170242630
Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: APH
Pub Year: 1989
Pages: 175
Language: English

Since Islam upholds the welfare of all mankind as being basic to the divine cosmic design, natural endowments are intended for collective use of all members of the human race. To establish a just, equitable and benevolent world order on Islamic lines of universal access to the bounties of nature and universal brotherhood of man, we have to effect an integration of nation States into a unified global system and work out the modalities of its functioning. Affairs of men must be viewed, organized and administered. On a ‘One World’ basis, its prospects have been examined in “Islamic Economics: A Global Perspective” from the theoretical as well as the pragmatic angles.

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