Jiangnan String and Woodwind Instruments


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Folk Classical Music v. 1–Jiangnan String and Woodwind Instruments

Artist: Various

Order No. C1001

ISBN: 7880060413

Label: Guangzhou Audio & Video

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Jiangnan Sizhu, or Silk & Bamboo ensemble music, is a form of music played with traditional stringed instruments (such as Pipa and Erhu) and woodwind instruments (Such as Chinese flute.) This specific genre of chamber music is refined, elegant and graceful, and is enriched with strong color of the south China. This CD contains 11 melodies:

1. Fish Song
2. Caoyuan Song
3. Fan Palace
4. Falling Follow
5. Happy Song
6. Flower
7. High Mountain and Flowing Water
8. Liu Yao Jin
9. The Autumn Moon Over the Han Palace
10. Music of Wind
11. Three Six

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